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FREE Electronics Pick Up for Business Customers

  • We provide Complete Data Security, Hard Drives and Memory Devices are physically destroyed, ensuring absolute destruction of all sensitive data. Certificate of Destruction is available for your protection.
  • Our data security is backed by a $5,000,000 insurance policy for customer protection.
  • We are routinely audited for compliance by an accredited outside 3rd party auditor, ensuring all electronic materials are being processed correctly through the entire recycling chain.
  • Our employees are trained monthly in proper procedures for handling electronics. We use no inmate labor in our recycling facility.
  • Environmental protection, as an E-Stewards Certified Recycler we follow the hierarchy where reuse of electronics is maximized. What cannot be successfully reused is then recycled to recover materials to be used in manufacturing. We do not send any materials to landfills or for incineration.
  • We donate to schools, at no charge, Computers, Laptops, e-books, Monitors, etc. Our electronic donations provide children and teachers with the equipment they need to develop the appropriate 21st century digital technology skills needed to succeed in today’s society.
  • At Recycle Boise we take recycling seriously. We don’t just say we do the right thing.


At Recycle Boise we will provide your organization with the highest level of electronics recycling standards available, we are an e-Stewards Certified Electronics Recycling Facility. The e-Stewards standard is backed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the USGSA (United States Government Services Administration), and the UN (United Nations–Environmental).
By choosing Recycle Boise your organization will have:

  • Complete Data Security: All hard drives and memory devices are physically destroyed to ensure absolute destruction of all data. A Certificate of Destruction will be provided to you upon request. Our data security is backed by a $5,000,000 insurance policy for your protection. All data devices are continually stored in a locked storage within our facility until destroyed. We will issue you a Certification of Destruction on the hard drives.
  • Liability Protection: Upon free pick up of electronics your origination is released from all liability obligations. GSA Ruling states: If you generate used and obsolete electronics it is your responsibility to find and use a responsible recycler, your federal obligation is met by using Recycle Boise.
  • Environmental Benefits: As an e-Stewards recycler we follow the hierarchy where re-use is maximized. What cannot be successfully reused is then recycled to recover materials to be used in manufacturing. No landfills or incineration. Environmental protection is important to us.
  • Strengthening the future: Together by providing computers for schools and other non-profit organizations, we build a better lifestyle and protect our environment through responsible recycling. Please visit our website at: RecycleBoise.com If you would like more information about the e-Stewards Certification you can go to: www.e-Stewards.org


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